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At Pied Pipers we like to play the RAINBOW and each of our seven stages moves through the seven colours of the rainbow. On average it takes around a year to complete all seven stages with each stage taking between 5 and 7 weeks.


Pied Piper RAINBOW stages are bespoke and designed around Kodaly principles of music education so that children learn in a way which feels natural and has good musical sound at the heart of every activity. The progression of notes and rhythms throughout the RAINBOW stages is carefully structured to be suitable for even the youngest school age children and the music tracks bring to life the history and origins of the recorder as well as more contemporary pop and big band styles to get everyone's toes tapping!

Once children have completed the Pied Piper RAINBOW stages they are ready to move on from the beginner course and prepare for their initial grade exam (if they wish) or join our Pied Pipers Recorder Ensemble to continue the journey. 

Pied Pipers is all about playing for fun, whilst learning valuable musical skills along the way. We know that all children will love earning their RAINBOW Badges and also that not all children will enjoy more formal assessments like a graded music exam. That's why the Pied Piper RAINBOW stages have also been designed to link in with the ABRSM Music Medal Awards which means that, with a small bolt on, students can prepare for a Copper or Bronze medal when they reach the end of their Orange and Green stages if they wish. 

'Bolt-On' Learning

If children would like to work towards an additional award like the ABRSM music medals this can be done in a series of short individual lessons which are usually delivered by the group leader online at a time which is convenient for you and your family. Please ask the session leader for more information when your child reaches the appropriate RAINBOW stage.