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All About Us

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Pied Piper music sessions are all about learning as part of a team,

following the leader and having fun! 


Expert music leaders, will lead young children into a magical 40 minutes*

of music making every week in your local venue.


Our sessions champion the recorder because it is  the most accessible and versatile instrument for young children to start playing. Bespoke music tracks blend music from the past to the present day and help young Pied Pipers build essential musical skills in pulse, rhythm, pitch, music reading and more!


The Pied Piper's beginner course takes children on a musical journey through seven 'RAINBOW Stages' - cleverly created to inspire and motivate the youngest musicians whilst developing playing skills which will last a lifetime. 

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Music Sessions

Learn and play with your local Pied Piper Team

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Play At Home

Online videos, backing tracks and more...

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Rainbow Stages 

Carefully graded stages enable all young children to achieve

Reasons to Play Music 

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Playing and music is a hugely enjoyable activity

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Physical Development

Learning an instrument improves gross and fine motor skills

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Brain Power

Musical connections strengthen cognitive and thinking skills

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Music helps develop language and self expression


Making music helps you to think 'outside the box'

Social Skills

Playing music with others strengthens relationships

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Self Discipline 

Being involved in music encourages self reflection

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Music is proven to boost your mood and positively affect how you feel

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Musicians are motivated to set targets and achieve their goals